The love of Copper designs at Debora Nash Designs

Copper is a very unique natural element that comes from the earth and has so many different uses and applications for decor and for just about everything under the sun for mechanical and electrical purposes.

The natural color of copper is unique in itself as well as other natural metals are not as "warm and inviting" as the color of copper.

Natural Gold is a warm color, but it is just something about the reds in copper that give off a warmth that Gold just doesn't have in the natural yellow color.

Today, we will look at some of our favorite uses for Copper in Home Decor that is both unique and not as readily available as a "normal home decor item."

Again, it is one of our favorite metals to work with, here at Debora Nash Designs for the color and friendliness in its uses.

Solid Copper Mermaid, created from very fine, ground up Copper metal, and cast into this gorgeous Mermaid by Debora Nash.  She was then fired at temperatures just below 1700 degrees Fahrenheit in our Debora Nash Designs studio and workshop.  

This little lady sings a beautiful "ting" when she is tapped with a metal hammer.  Just beautiful and holding her in your hands, you really feel the weight of the metal as she is solid cast Copper.  She stands at about 6-7 inches tall and is close to 1 1/2 inches thick, so you can imagine the weight.

Another approach we have at Debora Nash Designs for our Copper Designs is the use of Epoxy with our Copper Metals to create some of the most detail intense home decor designs imagined.

Each one will weigh upwards of a pound of Copper Metals.  As mentioned before, we just love Copper at Debora Nash Designs.

Once the weather warms up again, we will be running our Kiln and firing the torches to create more beautiful works of art with Copper.

You just never know what magical things will be created in the studio and workshop at Debora Nash Designs.