We are changing our name and branding to Debora Nash Designs, effective June, 2022.

For those who have known us for the past 20 years as POEFASHION®, Portraits of Elegance Fashion® and Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® since 2004, we are now in the process of changing all of our branding and business name to a consolidated version of "Debora Nash Designs."

We are broken hearted in the decision of letting our trademark names go, but in all honesty, Debora has not been able to free the time away from protecting the trademarks to focus on designing and creating fine arts, fashions and home decor as the entire company has been built on.

So, with that new development and situation, there will be updates made to our website and to our design lines, as we will be discontinuing some of the product designs and focusing more on what our company started out to be.

It is our greatest hope that this change will bring more fine arts and fashion designs to be available as one-of-a-kind designs in Fashion and Home Decor.

Thank you for being here and we are looking forward to getting back in the studio to create new designs and direct our attention to creating instead of chronic defense of our business names and registered trademarks.

See you again very soon,

Debora Nash


Debora Nash Designs