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Leather Hats, Purses, Bags, Boots, Jackets and more. 


Debora Nash Designs Leather

Leather fringe jackets, leather purses, bags and more by Debora Nash Designs.

Leathers that are available consist of Alligator, Snake, Ostrich, Moose, Buffalo, Cow, Rabbit, Sheep, Goat and Pig leathers.  Hand Tooled Leather designs are available for commissioned designs unless otherwise stated.

Commissioned Leather Boot designs are also available to order in the historic Native American Style of Handmade Leather Moccasin shoes and boots that use Cow, Moose, Buffalo, Deer, Pig and are professionally tanned and dyed leathers.

Some Purses, Bags, Luggage, and Jackets offered are also manufactured by professional manufacturers working with Portraits of Elegance Fashion® - POEFASHION® or are made by hand in our studio for commissioned leather items.

If fur pelts are requested for the commissioned designs, those available are Fox, Rabbit, Sheep, Mink, and others, based upon availability, state laws, and commissioned design requests.

Italian or Brazilian leathers are also used and sold at Debora Nash Designs.

Items that include Natural and Stabilized American Turquoise will be available on commissioned requests and finished jewelry products for Debora Nash Jewelry Designs.

If you have a special request for leather goods, please contact us before ordering to check the availability of the items and if there are any restrictions allowed or disallowed by law.

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