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Debora Nash Design New Cloud Mountain Blue Fabric by the Yard

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New Cloud Mountain Fabric by the yard is a hand-painted fabric design by POEFASHION® fine arts artist, Debora Nash, who has captured the vivid colors found in breath taking beautiful blues and blacks of Natural Cloud Mountain Turquoise stones with small reflective whites of water droplets on the face of the stone.

Vivid and bold colors of Royal Blues, Light Blues and jet Black matrix really sets off the colors of the blue turquoise in these amazing stones and brings the color to a vivid reflection of contrasts against the black matrix.

Anyone who knows and loves turquoise knows that electric blue that shines in Cloud Mountain Turquoise stones and now... you can wear it or display that vibrant blue and black matrix in fabrics by the yard from POEFASHION®

(Please Note: This particular fabric manufacturer offers these fabrics in single yard increments only, but the colors are as bold and vivid with this supplier, as is shown in the photo at the top of this page in the finished fabric.  If you click on the image at the top of the page, it will open to a larger view to see a closer look at the detail and texture.

If you are ordering multi-yards of fabric in the same color and design in a continuous run, please go to our other fabric supplier by clicking here.

When ordering, be sure to choose the yardage sizing listed with the fabric type for the 1 yard (1m) as is shown below.)


  • Peachskin Jersey (Note: 1m = 54"x 39")
    • You would choose the 1m size of 54" x 39" on the last choice selection, otherwise a message will appear that the item is not available.  This will save time in creating your 1 yard order.)