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Registered Domains For Sale

Registered Domains of POEFASHION, Portraits of Elegance Fashion, Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts, Portraits of Elegance and all other variations that we own and have as operating domains... are now available for purchase.

To any and all persons that may be concerned, interested or requesting information for "Purchasing" the registered domains, they ARE available for PURCHASE and full ownership if the asking price is met and contracted with Debora Nash of Debora Nash Designs.

These registered domains are in full operation and have been in full use since 2004 and they are available for purchase with a signed contract for transfer of ownership after purchase.

If you or someone you are working with is inquiring into gaining the sole use of these registered domains, the ONLY way that use of these registered domains will be made available will be through purchasing these registered domains in full.

Should these registered domains be used, or should any legal proceedings be made to cancel these registered domains with ICANN, before a completed, legal purchase is finalized, without attempting discussions to purchase said domains first, be fully informed that there will be severe legal consequences filed and pursued in a court of law.

Registered domains are considered as legal real estate via the internet and will be protected as such.


No exceptions will be made in reference to the use or transfer of these registered domains otherwise.


If you are absolutely serious about purchasing these registered domains, then you must contact the owner, Debora Nash, with a written and signed formal offer and mail them to the addresses below.

Purchase price for the entire lot is $100,000.  firm.


Contact the owner of these registered domains directly at: 


Debora Nash, Owner

Email: poe.domains.4.sale@gmail.com


"Written Correspondence" is to be mailed to: 

Debora Nash

Attn: "POE Domains For Sale"


Bumpus Mills, TN 37028


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your request to purchase the POEFASHION, Portraits of Elegance Fashion, Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts, Portraits of Elegance registered domains.

There 82 domains in these names and variations of these names.  Domains will be sold as a full and complete lot and will not be broken up into individual, single domain sales.


These domain names have been registered to the original owner and creator, Debora Nash, since they were created and registered in 2004 to present.


Below is a full inventory list of the domain names that are available to purchase in this lot of registered domain names.