About the Artist

"From just one moment comes a "Masterpiece of Life."

As a professional photographer and fine arts artist for the past 40 years combined, Debora Nash knows no bounds to her artistic, creative realm for fine arts and fashion design.

To be the lady that her mother worked hard to bring forth in Debora and her sisters, as well as being a natural life photographer of some very unique life events, Debora created "Portraits of Elegance" in 2004, from just an idea. She incorporates the beauty of nature, life events, and fashion and changes it into not only fine arts but elegant art fashions as well.

For almost forty years now, she has worked relentlessly to continue to improve her fine arts and to build her businesses, Debora Nash Designs, formerly known as Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts®, Portraits of Elegance Fashion®, and POEFASHION®, into the company it is today.

Debora Nash Designs, Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts®, Portraits of Elegance Fashion®, and POEFASHION® have been a life ambition, and it is a lifetime devotion to capturing the natural beauty of life and create Fine Arts and Fine Art Fashion with that beauty.

Each day continues to bring a new level of Fine Arts and Fashion designs that were only seen before in dreams but now are fast becoming a reality that is available exclusively through Debora Nash Designs.

Today, Debora Nash Designs, are very much a part of the artist, as it was when she began to build these companies almost 40 years ago and since going public in 2004.

We hope that you enjoy the website and find something unique and one of a kind that you can own or wear, as you are the work of art at

Debora Nash Designs.