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The Great Battle... Who is gonna win?

The Great Battle... Who is gonna win?

Posted by Debora Nash, Artist / Photographer at Debora Nash Designs on Jun 25th 2023

Well, this is a short, condensed video of close to 500 still shots and a full day of shooting photos of a wild Bald Eagle, 2 Bald Eagle Babies that are now 3 months old and stand about 2 feet tall or taller... a King Heron, that I call "Big Bird" and who looks like a flying Teradactyl.

Big Bird was catching Blue Gill Fish, and the Bald Eagle did NOT like that Big Bird was getting the fish, so the Eagle attacked Big Bird in the air, and who was the winner of this whole scenario...

The Blue Gill fish!!!

After the battle, Big Bird returned to the water, looking for the fish he had lost.



Look at the size of this baby Eagle that is only 3 months old, next to this adult Wren...  Now you can see just how huge the baby Eagles are at this age.  Huge!!