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My "Meteor Storm" on my back porch... This is real...

My "Meteor Storm" on my back porch... This is real...

Posted by Debora Nash, Artist and Photographer of Debora Nash Designs on Sep 1st 2023

My son and I were told there would be a meteor shower one night, back around the late 90's to early 2000's, but I do not remember the date because it was before I ever had digital camera equipment.

We were out at 2 a.m. on our back porch shooting my 35mm camera of the meteor shower and I had my camera set to "Bulb" mode which holds the shutter open for the times you want really long exposures.

I was holding the exposure for about 10 second bursts or less... I don't remember the exact timing I was shooting.

The entire time we were out there, it sounded like Hail falling and hitting everything.  Then, after hearing things bouncing off my roof, hitting the leaves on the ground as it was cold winter, and hearing things hitting and bouncing off the hood of my car, next to us, I told my son, 

"Kid, this is rocks falling out of the sky and on our heads... We need to go back inside or get helmets..."

So, with that, we packed up and went inside to get some sleep, unaware of what we just got on film.

When I got my film back from being developed at Walmart, THIS was my shock of that historic night and I found these meteors at the foot of my steps where we were on the porch, shooting long exposure still shots.

The line down the middle was the meteor that I saw fall and hit the ground that made me realize, we were ground zero and rocks were raining down on us.

I still have these meteors and will be selling this property location soon, but I still have everything...

I have never seen a meteor shower since, that impressed me... like this one 

Again, these photos were taken on 35mm film, before digital cameras existed... At that time, I think Kodak or Polaroid had created the first digital camera that was a huge clunker at the time and did barely 14 pixels or something...  All I remember it was a tank size camera with an even bigger tank size price, but only a few people bought them a a "New toy" kind of thing...  Even Photoshop was sold on a CD disc at the time... so that is how far back these pics were shot, but I did not document the year because we had the film developed later on, kind of thing...

I do know it was around the late 90's...