Debora Nash Design Hand Knit Personal Sweater Blanket - Red Candy Cane

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Height 84.00 (in)
Width 72.00 (in)
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POEFASHION® - Portraits of Elegance Fashion® Handknit personal Sweater Blanket is wrapping yourself in the warmth of a 6 ft x 7ft sweater.

Just like the sweater that your grandmother used to knit, you can now have that same warmth to wrap up in one of these gorgeous, hand-knitted sweater-like blankets.

Made of fine Acrylic yarns, they are hand-knitted on a very long knitting loom to the approximate length of 7 ft long and 6 ft wide to wrap up and cuddle with warmth.

A very beautiful decorative asset to your home with a very wonderful use-value of being warm on those cold days and nights.

Get your POEFASHION® - Portraits of Elegance Fashion® Hand-Knit Sweater Blanket today.

Many colors and yarn types to choose from.

Each blanket is hand-made by the artist, Debora Nash, and can take up to 4 days of production time to complete the blanket.  Please allow time for production and time for shipping to your destination.

Shipping is included in the pricing.

Items already created and are in stock will ship the same day.